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Allison Doane Design

2003 - present

Freelance Graphic Design, Art Direction, Production and Photography. Some of my clients have included: Microsoft, Hamilton • Stalsberg • Eastman, Hornall Anderson, CCLC, Green Mountain Mine, Consolidar, Sisters of Sizzle and contract work through Austec and Design Laboratory.

Hornall Anderson

2013 - present

Freelance E-Pro and Production work on projects for Lays/Doritos, Quaker Oats, Seattle's Best Coffee, and Holland America.

Hamilton • Stalsberg • Eastman

2008 - present

Freelance Production and Design for Hamilton Creative, Stalsberg Productions, and Eastman Strategies. Some of their clients include Schnitzer West, Highline Medical, Multicare, Woodworks, and Pacific Continental Bank.

Eaglemont Press

2004 - 2008

Lead Graphic Designer

  • Produced, edited, and designed multiple award winning photographic art books
  • Developed and executed marketing and advertising campaigns for the “Adventures of Riley” children's book series and photographic art books.
  • Conducted market research for the “Adventures of Riley” series
  • Animated interactive “Adventures of Riley” books for Woodland Park Zoo’s ZooMazium
  • Animated “Adventures of Riley” books for use on video ipods and television
  • Color corrected/ touched up fine art photography for resale
  • Generated website design and illustrations
  • Generated PowerPoint presentations for author events/ school assemblies/ business presentations
  • Created “Riley's World” Newsletters
  • Maintained and continually updated both the Eaglemont Press and the “Adventures of Riley” websites
  • Designed logos for partner companies
  • Developed companies design direction in team atmosphere

Party Partners Design

2004 - 2005 (part-time employee), 2005 - 2008 (freelance as needed)

Designed party supplies, products, and packaging to sell to party and gift stores. I also designed marketing materials and catalogs to promote the pieces.

Gargoyle Design

2003 - 2004

Production and design of marketing materials, logos, and t-shirts under the guidance of the art director.

University of Washington

1996 - 2000

BA in International Studies with a focus on Latin America.

I still love the culture and art of Latin America and draw inspiration from it when I can.

Art Institute of Seattle

2001 - 2003

AAA (Associates of Applied Arts) in Graphic Design.







Microsoft Office





Constant Contact

Mail Chimp


2010 - present

2010 - present

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